10 Best Antivirus Software

Can you imagine your life without the internet? When was the last time you went completely offline, and for how long? The sad truth is that we are internet junkies. Some people are so hooked up on this drug that they cannot resist putting the phone down while driving.

Busy? Here is what I think is The Best Antivirus:

Bitdefender: This antivirus is offering the best protection without compromising performance. TotalAV has an extensive virus and malware database and offers advanced real-time protection so you will be safe from harmful threats and viruses. Get 60% Off Bitdefender

But what we don’t often realize is that the internet comes with a price. Companies are mining our personal information to sell us more stuff that we don’t really need. And personal privacy doesn’t exist anymore.

On Top of that, Criminals are after us too. They try to get our banking information, passwords, and personal data so they can steal from us or blackmail us.

We have to take control back of our online privacy. And that can be done with antivirus software. Antiviruses these days are more than just for detecting viruses on our PCs. They are security and privacy tools that we can use.

I compiled a list of the best antiviruses. If your favorite Antivirus is not on this list… Tough…

1. Bitdefender

This is also one of the leading antivirus software you can trust. Bitdefender is one company that provides users with robust security systems.

Bitdefender offers products for individuals and enterprises. Asides from the antivirus software, they offer IoT security, VPN services, and other private cybersecurity services.

When browsing, you wouldn’t want people to extract your personal data. However, this is one of the challenges a lot of users face. And to tackle this problem, you should consider using Bitdefender. It has an anti-tracker system that allows you to block all tracking systems for better private browsing.

Also, Bitdefender offers a VPN with all of their packages. This will help you stay private while browsing the internet. It will encrypt your data stream, and not even your internet provider can see your online activity.

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2. Norton

Norton antivirus is not only good at removing malware files from your machine. It works with machine learning technology to scan all your files and determine the good or bad ones.

This antivirus uses heuristics and signatures to identify viruses. It also helps with e-mail spam filtering and phishing protection. It works with a screening strategy known as the Norton Emulation. This mode of operation helps to runs each of the files in a very lightweight virtual machine to determine which of them has threats or not.

Norton has a safe web browser extension for a safe browsing experience that helps you surf and shop online safely. The browser extension also helps to detect spyware, malware, and viruses that may be present on the websites you access. The Safe web extension will give you the safety ratings of the websites before you access them.

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3. TotalAV

TotalAV has been making waves in the antivirus industry with its huge feature list and easy-to-use interface. This suite will protect all your devices including smartphones, tablets, computers–everything!

This antivirus has been providing protection against malware and internet threats for years. Their Advanced Antivirus software will protect you from even the most vicious of hackers, while their Junk File Removal tool helps your PC run faster than ever before!

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Anti-Malware: TotalAv has an advanced anti-malware engine, that will be able to protect your digital world against infections caused by many types of malware.

Anti-Ransomware: Hackers are after your money! Don’t be a victim of malicious attacks that encrypt your files and demand ransom money to unencrypt them. TotalAV has your back

Anti-Spyware: The nefarious intent of spyware is to collect private information from you and share it with third parties in order to make a profit. TotalAV’s advanced anti-spyware will protect you against such software.

Anti-Adware: Adware may be unknowingly downloaded and is often hard to remove. Not with this antivirus. TotalAV will make sure that no unwanted software is downloaded and installed on your device

Real-Time Protection: The best way to keep your computer virus-free is by checking downloads, installs, and executables for viruses. TotalAV takes that stress away from you and scans your files in real time.

Safe Site: Phishing sites are a major problem. They will try to imitate legitimate websites for your personal information and then sell it on the black market, but Safe Site blocks any suspect site when you need protection

Optimization: With TotalAV you will give your PC a performance boost. From removing junk files on your PC to optimizing your battery life, if you are on a laptop, and removing unnecessary files from your browser.

Security Enhancements: To be on top of its competition TotalAV offers a Password Vault, where you can store all of your passwords, Ad Block Pro that blocks ads on websites, VPN that helps you stay anonymous while browsing the internet and ID Protection which monitors if your identity were stolen.

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4. McAfee

McAfee helps to defend against online threats and viruses with a combination of cloud-based offline and online protection. By using this program, you can be sure of having safer web browsing. It allows you to browse confidently and prevent any form of online danger like phishing, malware, and malicious downloads.

In a bid to ensure a good and safe browsing experience, McAfee offers the WebAdvisor to keep you safe from online threats while you browse. Also, McAfee WebAdvisor has the misclick protection that blocks malware if you mistakenly click on an infected link. It also has a security check system that verifies if your firewall is activated before you start browsing.

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5. Avira

This is a modern-solution antivirus for both Windows and Mac users. The Avira Free Security Antivirus is perfect for people that need a secure digital and private life. With the Avira antivirus, you get top-notch antivirus protection and also a VPN.

Avira Free Security scans your system with just one click of a button. It scans for malware, weak passwords, and other vulnerable spots on your computer.

This antivirus offers Browser Safety, and Safesearch features to help protect your privacy. The Safesearch feature guides you to safe websites and warns you against malicious websites. The Browser Safety also blocks harmful websites trackers trying to mine your data and track your activity online.

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6. Avast

Avast works with next-gen technologies to protect users from cyberattacks while browsing. It protects your devices against viruses, malware, and other potential internet threats.

Avast has a cloud-based infrastructure that helps to monitor your machine in real-time. With this feature in place, it can inspect and analyze your device for any potential threats.

Avast doesn’t only protect you against malware and viruses; they also have their own private browser. This is in a bid to curb all forms of cyber theft. Avast private browser is 4 times faster than a regular browser. It also helps to prevent hackers from stealing your data and block malicious websites from affecting your computer.

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This Antivirus has been in the security game since 1992.

There are a couple of features that will ensure your internet browsing: Webcam Protection, Banking & Payment Protection, Anti-Phishing, and Antispam.

With Webcam Protection, ESET constantly monitors all the processes and applications to see which ones want to use your webcam. It will alert you of any unexpected try to access your webcam and lets you block that program.

The Banking & Payment Protection uses a special secured browser. Through it, you can safely pay online and run any supported browser in secured mode.

Anti-Phishing and Antispam will protect you from being a victim of those social engineering scams. ESET will block hackers that will try to spam or phish for your data.

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8. Heimdal

Heimdal is not as popular as other antiviruses mentioned in this list. It is a younger security company that was founded in 2011. But their antivirus is one of the most advanced on this list, even if their name is pretty funny.

When it comes to internet browsing security, this antivirus has few important features: Traffic-based Malware Blocking, Data Leakage Blocking, Traffic-based Malware Detection, Browser-based Protection, and Phishing Protection.

Basically, Thor will stand with his hammer and block any hackers. Contrary to the well-known mythology, Thor’s hammer is powered by a powerful AI engine and not lightning.

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9. Kaspersky

Kaspersky has become a global leader and has helped fight against malware and cybercrime. Kaspersky is a program held in high regard and has been adopted by home users and businesses worldwide.

Like other antiviruses from this list, Kaspersky will prevent you from being tracked by browser extensions or websites. Also, it will block programs from using your webcam without your knowledge.

When it comes to online banking and shopping, this antivirus has a secured and encrypted browser. This will prevent your ISP or other people that try to spy on your PC from snooping around and see your internet activity

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10. Cylance

The Cylance antivirus software is owned and managed by Blackberry, and it is an AI-driven security solution.  It helps to protect against malicious attacks with inbuilt automated threat prevention. It detects and prevents breaches even before they start to take effect…

Cylance offers a great browsing experience with its Cylance PROTECT feature. It is a full suite that can detect, stop and solve security threats while browsing without disrupting your work.

Cylance PROTECT is a cloud-based service that uses machine learning and AI to identify malicious URLs and malware while browsing. The seamless integration of the Cylance PROTECT on your web browser gives you the best ecosystem where your data is fully protected.

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