Hi, there!

So, you’ve unscrewed the lid of our Antivirus Jar and made it so far as to meet the team… We really hope we find you well!We mean – no offense – usually, our readers are in trouble. Who else spends time reading reviews of the best antivirus software, guides or tutorials on web security, if not someone who knows the importance of being safe?

And who knows the importance of being safe, if not someone who was vulnerable?

If only we had a penny for every person we’ve met along the way and who needed this kind of information…

But let’s don’t get the essentials out of sight. We’re here and we do what we can. We fight from where we are. We inform. We educate. We keep people up to date.

We do our best to do good because, as they say, the only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.

We like to think of ourselves as good men. Aaaand women.

And so, we have joined efforts into a (currently) small team with (constantly) growing aspirations.

Our purpose? To educate enough of the good men to make a difference in the fight with the hackers out there. A purpose we have all been aiming towards, long before we had the chance to meet and get together as the Antivirus Jar team.

You see, it all started with Adrian. The first brain thrown into the Antivirus Jar, Adrian had the knowledge and the drive to get this educational project going. He also had the wit to realize that power lies in the hands of people. And instead of juggling with all too many hats, he brought Adelina along.

Adelina came with extra flair for writing, enhanced research skills, and stubbornness to dig for the smallest details that she thought would make the biggest difference. The will was there, but the way still needed to be paved with a lot more than all the good intentions that two people might have.

Luckily, Florin paved that way, taking over many of the organizational skills the two geeks were having some serious flaws with… He brought structure and a timeline to our efforts of staying ahead of what matters most in the field of security. And gave us a clear calendar to work on. Working side by side, it all felt almost perfect.

Little did we know, in the beginning, that we were missing Andreea… When she joined the Antivirus Jar, we all became perfectly balanced. She makes a world of difference to how we wrap up everything we put together on this website. She’s always focused and comes up with improvement suggestions. But above all, she oversees the editing and posting of every piece of content.

What can we say… We’re all still wearing many heats, individually and as a team. From research and writing to improvement suggestions and sticking to a publishing calendar, just like Adrian anticipated, the power lies in everyone’s hands.

We raise those hands to salute you, our favorite reader!

Thank you for reaching this far.

Thank you for putting your trust in us.

Thank you for taking this valuable information from us.