Best antivirus for gigabyte laptop

Choosing the Best Antivirus Software for Gigabyte Laptop

You have just bought a Gigabyte laptop. That’s smart. And you want to get a reliable antivirus for it. That’s even smarter. There are so many antivirus softwares around, but some of them are not as effective as they’re portrayed to be. Don’t select any antivirus at random. You need to get one of the best for your laptop. This article will walk you through the whole process.

Start with user reviews

The most important step towards getting an antivirus is to embark on an internet search. You have to check out as many antivirus software as you can. Many of them come with attractive features, but do they really offer these features? Some features are stated for marketing purposes. And some features are exaggerated.

So, what should you do? Great question! When you come across an antivirus that you like, try and search for user reviews of the software. Users don’t lie or exaggerate. They say things the way they are. So, take the time to read at least five reviews from people that have been using the application.

A free trial is a must

Nothing can convince you better than testing your preferred antivirus before paying for it. That’s why the best applications allow prospective buyers to test the product for some days before they make a decision. Choose an antivirus that gives you a non-obligatory trial period. Trying it does not mean you should buy it.

In fact, don’t make the mistake of subscribing to the first product you try. Even if you like the software, there may be other applications with better features. So, test at least three different antiviruses before you select one of them. Spend your money where you’ll get the most value.

Ask about regular update/upgrade

From a recent cybersecurity report, it is clear that cybercriminals work tirelessly to sniff out the loopholes of every security facility. And when they find one, they’ll quickly take advantage of it. So, it’s almost impossible for any antivirus to protect you indefinitely.

To mitigate this challenge, software developers also work continuously to discover the security holes in their products before hackers find out. When they do, they’ll quickly plug the holes with updates before hackers find out. The idea is to keep their software several steps ahead of cybercriminals.

Therefore, you need software that is regularly updated and upgraded. Before paying, ask the development company how often their software is updated. Good software should be updated at least once a month. Take that as the standard. Don’t settle for less.

Assess the support system

You need an antivirus from a developer whose after-sale support is impressive. The support system of many developers is manned by a mere chatbot that can’t solve complex problems. When you run into a security hitch, every second will count. Try and see the contact details of the developer whose software you want to buy. Make sure they offer the three contact methods below.

  • Email
  • Online contact form
  • Phone call

If the three are not complete, you may want to move on to another antivirus brand.

Too many false positives

Some antiviruses are designed to detect non-existing threats. The idea is that flagging many threats will impress users. This trick is often overused. So, while trying an antivirus, if you keep seeing things like “30 threats detected” several times, it’s probably false. Choose another antivirus.

User-friendly interface

This is another important feature that you should look for in an antivirus. You can’t enjoy an antivirus whose interface is difficult for you to understand. You’ll continue to struggle with it. Why should you take days of lectures just to learn how to use a particular antivirus when there are many easy ones to understand? In fact, great antiviruses come with an easy, user-friendly interface. Choose one of them.

Quality isn’t cheap

Always remember that quality isn’t cheap. There are several free antiviruses on the internet. Their protection isn’t adequate. Think of this. If free antiviruses are effective, nobody will spend a dime on antivirus anymore. Some antivirus platforms have a free plan (this is not a free trial). Don’t depend on the free plans. The features of free plans are limited.

Some Cybersecurity Tips

Getting a good antivirus is just half of the equation. You also need to put the necessary security-conscious habits. Otherwise, you’ll compromise the efforts of your antivirus. Here are some cybersecurity tips that should keep you protected.

Update your antivirus at the first prompt: When you get a prompt that your antivirus needs to update, don’t postpone the update. The update may be meant to plug security lapses that will save you from trouble. Hackers are always on the prowl.

Don’t click links recklessly: Some links are meant to install malware in your system. You should be wary of clicking links you’re not sure about. If the link is emailed to you by an acquaintance, try to get in touch with the supposed sender first. His/her account may have been hacked.

Nothing is truly free. Many of the dangerous links are woven around free offers. Be wary of free offers.

Reduce your visit to pornographic sites: Don’t pay for anything on pornographic sites. Several repentant cybercriminals have confessed that many of their scam websites are masked as porn sites.

Guard your laptop: Your laptop shouldn’t be accessible to everybody. Don’t lend it out to your friend to use it. If anyone has to use it, monitor the usage.

Scan all connected hardware: You must always scan external drives, USB sticks, and other devices before using them on your laptop. They could infect your laptop with a virus.

Three great antiviruses

Of course, it can take you hours or days to find a very good antivirus. The good news is, you don’t have to go through the tedious process because some of the best antiviruses in the market have been listed below. They all meet all the requirements discussed above.


BullGuard 2019 antivirus review - Main dashboard

This is a great antivirus for Gigabyte laptops and other devices. And it protects your laptop in the ways discussed below.

Background scanning – Right now, there’s no known virus or malware that this antivirus can’t tackle. BullGuard does not wait for you to run a scan before it detects any threat. Since Gigabyte laptops are great for gaming, you need this antivirus for your Gigabyte laptop. It removes all unwanted programs that slow down your laptops, so you’ll enjoy your gaming sessions.

Multi-layered protection – With its multi-layered protection, the antivirus protects you when you’re online or offline. It kicks out viruses in real-time. BullGuard scans all applications before it allows them to download. If you try to download an application that has malware, this antivirus will prevent the app from installing.

Strong firewall – The antivirus has a super-secure firewall that protects you from hackers’ intrusion. The firewall detects and blocks phishing pop-ups.

30-day free trial – You have up to 30 days to try it out before you pay for it. As mentioned earlier, every reliable antivirus must offer a trial period. This feature makes BullGuard highly reputable.


This is another great antivirus that should top your consideration list. It does offer a free trial and it comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee. One subscription covers up to ten devices. This also offers real-time protection. Malware and viruses are kicked out the moment they get in.

Autopilot – This is kind of a Security Advisor. It will give you more insights into your security status.  Bitdefender Autopilot has smart capabilities and can recommend security actions based on your system needs and usage patterns.

Vulnerabilities fix – If your Gigabyte laptop has any vulnerability, this application will fix it in the background. It also cleans the registry of your laptop.

Bitdefender Photon – This is an innovative and exclusive technology of Bitdefender Premium Security. This feature will adapt to your system’s hardware and software configuration to improve the speed and the performance of your Gigabyte laptop.

So, it is safe to say that this antivirus ensures that your Gigabyte laptop is in top condition always. That’s why it is one of the best.


This is one of the oldest antivirus applications and it also has a proven track record of protecting Gigabyte laptops and other devices. Here are some of its features.

Smart firewall – The firewall of this program is intelligent enough to detect even advanced threats and prevents them from gaining access into your system.

Password management – One loophole that hackers usually capitalize is poor password management. This is why Norton antivirus manages your password for effectiveness. It recommends more secure passwords that can’t be guessed easily. In addition, it also reminds you when your password is due for a change.

Power  Eraser -This feature removes any suspicious application found on your laptop.

Identity theft protection – One of the commonest cybercrimes is identity theft. Criminals will make use of the details of your credit/debit cards to transfer your money or make fraudulent purchases. With Norton 360, you don’t have to worry about identity theft.

Online privacy – The program also comes with secure virtual private network services to encrypt your online activities, keeping you 100% safe from intrusion.