Top 7 Antivirus For Ubuntu

I am a Ubuntu User. I like it because it adds a friendly interface to Linux, and it makes it easier to use. It is not easy as Windows or Mac OS but is more user-friendly than Linux is. You still have to use your terminal window a lot but is nothing compared to Linux. A lot of people are switching...
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Why antivirus is blocking your camera?

I remember my first video call with someone. It was about 15 years ago when a smartphone didn't exist. A camera on your phone was still a growing trend and unusual among my teenage friends. Things evolved quickly, and now cameras are everywhere. We even have a few on our phones. On laptops, webcams ...
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Can antivirus detect trojan virus type?

Let's face it. We love Free stuff! Getting something without paying makes us happy and empowered. Free can be used to trick us into downloading apps or files that are infected. And one of the most common types of malware you get from free stuff is Trojan. If you have an antivirus or think to buy one...
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Can antivirus detect keyloggers?

We don't want someone to watch over our online activity. And we value our privacy. What we do is only for us, and knowing that someone can see that is a scary thought. But what about if someone sees not only what you access, but everything you type on your keyboard. Credit card information, access c...
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Can antivirus scan encrypted files?

Encryption is a good thing for your privacy. You can encode your important files, and no one can open them without knowing your encryption key. You can block essential documents, photos, and directories to protect your sensitive data from online threats or people using your pc. But this can go the o...
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Can antivirus cause blue screen?

The blue screen of death is one of the scariest things that happened to me. First I didn't know what's happening and I panicked. Did I break my pc? And the answer came to me after a few seconds when the system started booting. I was relieved. And I started wondering what caused this to happen. Was i...
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Infected while using antivirus? Can antivirus be hacked?

Hack Alert Hand Shows Hacking 3d Illustration
Antivirus is one of the security layers that most people use. It offers protection against cyberattacks and prevents the user from becoming a victim in this battle. But what about the antivirus itself. Can it be a victim of an attack? And most important, can you be a victim because of it? If you are...
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Can Antivirus Slow Down My Internet?

We definitely don't like to use a slow internet connection. That youtube video is loading so slow and is getting on your nerve. Or maybe you are doing some research, and the websites are just not coming up. That's what happened to me this week. Everything was loading so slow. Videos, podcasts, websi...
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Can you get an antivirus for mac?

I am a mac user! I like using my MacBook pro over a windows laptop, even thou I use both daily. Macs are easy to use, friendly interface, and they don't bother you with useless notifications. But being a suspicious kind of guy, I wandered more then once if I can get viruses on my mac. Did a little b...
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Can You Get Antivirus For iPad?

There are millions of people around the world that are using iPads, I included. We use it for entertainment, browsing the web, buying online, and other similar things. I store a lot of personal information on this device, and if it falls into the wrong hands, it can do us harm. But can you get infec...
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Can You Get Antivirus for Iphone?

If you are an iPhone user and you are like me, you asked yourself, 'Can someone hack if?'. I am storing my personal contacts, photos with my family and me, emails, credit card; you name it. My phone knows everything about me! But can I protect it better? And probably you are asking yourself if you c...
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Should you Quarantine, Delete, or Clean a virus?

No one wants to get viruses. But it’s only when the antivirus software asks you how to proceed when it finds one, that you discover your virus removal options. Should you choose to delete and completely remove the infected file? Should you clean up the file instead? Or move it to quarantine, preve...
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Antivirus Chrome extension. Do you actually need it?

Not sure if you really need a security extension for Chrome? The thought of yet another browser extension might make you roll your eyes. But you do need a reliable antivirus extension for your internet browser! With so many threats that specifically target Google Chrome, an extension that will enhan...
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Ad Blocker Extension Protects You From Malware. True or False?

adblocker protects from malware
An ad blocker is an extension you can install on your web browser. It protects you from malware, at least from the malware that spreads through ads, also known as malvertising. Once activated, such an extension will eliminate the display of banner ads and pop-ups, along with other types of ads, from...
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Can You Get Viruses or Malware Just by Visiting a Website?

virus by visiting a website
This is a question that many people have in mind. Especially since virus and malware infections are on the rise. And because the majority of internet users go online to access all kinds of websites. But along with this question come many others, all of which are interconnected. What kind of websi...
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How Secure Are NFC Payments?

are nfc payments secure
NFC is becoming a very tempting trend in the world of commerce. And without a doubt, this so-called Near Field Communication can be a real blessing. Because contactless payments, via credit cards or mobile devices, make shopping a lot easier for all the parties involved. So much so that both merchan...
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How To Spot A Fake Or Scam Website

how to spot a fake website
A scam website is one of the most dangerous places you can get to, online. Because it looks strikingly similar to the website you were trying to reach, it earns your trust. Once you put your trust in a fake website, a lot of bad things can happen to you. Mostly looking for credential theft, hacke...
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Why You Need To Keep Your Antivirus Updated

update your antivirus software
The only thing worse than not having antivirus software? Without a doubt, it's having out of date antivirus software. That's because those who deliberately ignore the importance of this kind of protection pay more attention to the websites they visit or the things they download. Whereas those who ha...
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Reasons Why You Need To Hide Your IP Online

hide your ip address
You think your IP address is merely a bunch of numbers? Well, it’s not. What’s more, many of the devices you’ve previously communicated with, via the internet, may have your IP address stored somewhere. What would anyone do with it, you wonder? For starters, knowing your IP address can help...
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How To Protect Your Privacy Online

how to protect your internet privacy
These days, it’s impossible not to leave some kind of digital footprints. We spend so much time on the web. And for most of that time, we actually share personal information ourselves. We do it intentionally, when posting our breakfast on Instagram, our job promotion on LinkedIn, and our holida...
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Best Search Engines For Privacy

privacy search engines
Ever asked your partner to buy food for the cat and, soon after that, an add for savory tuna canned cat food popped in your web browser? You’re not paranoid if you have this feeling that the internet responds to you with ads for things you’ve looked into while you thought you were offline. Fr...
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What Should You Do When You Are Hacked?

how to know if you've been hacked
Those who get hacked experience all kinds of feelings. The shame of allowing themselves to become a victim. The outrage against the people who steal personal information like that. And between the two of them, a full spectrum of emotions, which is all natural, by the way. But hey, if you get ther...
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Why You Shouldn’t Store Passwords In A Browser

how to store passwords safely
In a world thundering with cyber-attacks and major security breaches, many still wonder... Is it safe to let the browser remember passwords? Should I let the web browser store my passwords? Where do I store my passwords, in the browser or some other dedicated third-party software? Why are so many...
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5 Tips On How To Protect Your Wi-Fi At Home

how to protect home wifi
Wi-Fi throughout the entire house is awesome, isn’t it? You get to check your phone from literally everywhere. Think of the top of your bed, first thing in the morning, when you’ve just opened your eyes. All the way to the toilet seat, that special place from where you’re scrolling Facebook fo...
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Online Shopping Safety: 7 Tips To Keep You Safe

Online Shopping Safety Tips
Online shopping is such an attractive option these days that the potential drawbacks are easy to overlook. At least if you think of drawbacks in terms of not getting the right color. Or the right size. Or the fabric quality you were hoping for. But how about not getting what you’ve paid for, perio...
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The Dangers Of Unsecured Wifi Hotspots

illustration of unsecured wi fi hotspot concept
Free Wi-Fi is something we take for granted. Stuck in an airport or on a train? We take out the smartphone or the laptop. We disconnect from the world around us while connecting to the first public Wi-Fi network. Happy to have found a way into a world that keeps us entertained. Completely unaware of...
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What Is Phishing?

illustration of phishing scam
The only thing phishing and fishing have in common? The victim always gets hooked. If you’d like to avoid the bait, you’d better not have the memory of a golden fish. Learn what is phishing and educate yourself to stay away from it. Whether it’s email phishing or website phishing or any oth...
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Should I Use More Than One Antivirus Software?

two antivirus software at the same time
Let’s face it, the idea of running two antivirus programs at the same time is tempting. We hear, after all, more and more news on viruses, trojans, and worms that swarm across the internet. We get scared, and it’s normal. We feel the need to protect ourselves. Our loved ones. And our most sen...
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Top Antivirus With Free Trial in 2019

antivirus free trial 2019
Best antivirus software is one of the main topics here on our website. We’ve reviewed many of them so far. And we also looked into the best products for specific categories. Today, we’d like to focus on the importance of testing a free antivirus trial. That and some specific indications on what ...
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What Is Trojan Malware? The Ultimate Definition

illustration of what is trojan malware
A Trojan is a malware in disguise. Pretending to be the good kind of software, it tricks you to download and install it. Problems begin as soon as you run it, though you might not notice, at first. Now, you can stop asking yourself what is the best description of Trojan horse malware. This is it....
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Best Password Managers in 2019 : Top Rated Software

Best Password Managers 2019
Identity thefts. Security breaches. Millions of compromised accounts in just one cyberattack. It’s as if, with all the security we have in place, hackers won’t stop. But if these attacks are still to come, why not do some damage control? Better yet, why not minimize the risks before the threat c...
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Can You Rely On Windows Defender In 2019?

Windows Defender in 2019
Windows Defender related web searches revolve around its efficiency. Whether it’s a forum, a Q&A platform or just a tech blog, wherever this dedicated antivirus from Windows is mentioned, people ask things like: is it enough, is it any good, how good is it? In case you were wondering why, we...
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Best Free Online Virus Scanners In 2019

Illustration of Best Free Online Virus Scanners
As new viruses emerge at a fast-growing pace, new security solutions are on demand. Among them, online virus scanners make a good choice, especially if they’re free. Some people try them while lacking other options, whereas many are tempted to use them to avoid paying for a professional security s...
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How Do Computer Viruses Spread? Learn Today

Illustration of How Do Computer Viruses Spread?
Computer viruses make for a broad discussion topic. Because of that, we often talk about it, though we rarely get to insist on this particular aspect of how they spread. We sum it up to one sentence, which is true, after all: you can get viruses by surfing the web, downloading files, opening email a...
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What Do Computer Viruses Do?

Illustration Of a Computer Virus
Do you keep asking yourself “What do computer viruses do?”? It may not look and feel so, but it’s a great thing that you don’t know, yet! It can only mean that you didn’t have the chance to experience it firsthand. So, first of all, good for you – you were either incredibly lucky or you...
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What Is The Best Antivirus For Mac In 2019

Illustration of Antivirus for Mac
Looking for the best antivirus and internet security software for Mac in 2019, you’ve probably heard it too: last year alone, 14 new instances of malware for Macs were spotted. This only reinforces the idea we underlined in a previous article on antivirus software for Mac OS: even though more diff...
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What Does Malware Do & How To Remove It?

Malware concept and what is malware
Almost all web security resources and news out there make reference, at some point, to malware. The term in itself sounds pretty strange and, used in so many different contexts, can easily confuse people. If you too have various security concerns and want to stay up to date with what’s relevant in...
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Computer Virus Names: The Ultimate List

computer virus consequences and computer virus names
Looking for the ultimate list with computer virus names? You might feel a little bit overwhelmed, for quite a few reasons. First of all, nobody has ever been able to put together such a list… Second of all, if such a list would truly exist, it would be one that constantly expands. Moreover, we ...
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Does My Phone Have A Virus? How To Detect & Remove A Virus

Illustration of mobile phone virus
According to the latest stats, 52% of the total internet traffic is generated by mobile phones. Also, notably, 35% of the US consumers shop online from their mobiles. And 3 in 5 internet users check their emails from their mobiles… So many people are doing so many things online from mobile devi...
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Are You Using Safe Android Antivirus? Useful Tips For 2019

Illustration of safe android antivirus for 2019
The best antivirus for Android makes a hot topic of debate. You might recall that we’ve also talked about whether you need antivirus on mobile devices or not, in a previous article. Now, about the untouchable Linux Kernel at the core of Android devices… Apparently, this isn’t a strong-enough r...
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How Secure Is My Password – Test Your Password Strength

Password Security Isometric Background
Guessing passwords is one of the most common ways for hackers to gain access to all kinds of devices. If that’s what statistics prove, it can only mean one thing… We, the internet users, have a habit of choosing lousy passwords. Or, to put it mildly, instead of focusing on choosing passwords tha...
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What Is Antivirus Software? Antivirus Definition

What is Antivirus software illustration
These days, antivirus software is pretty much essential for anyone who uses the internet. But if you’re not quite tech-savvy or you’re the type of person who just found out that there is such thing as fake antivirus software… Perhaps a little bit of extra knowledge on what is antivirus softwar...
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What Does Fake Antivirus Software Look Like?

Hackers and fake antivirus software concept
Fake antivirus is one of the many ways hackers get money from internet users. By exploiting a justified fear, the rogue antivirus – also known as scareware – does just what its name implies: it scares people into thinking that their computer has a virus. And then it offers the saving solution. O...
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How To Choose The Best Parental Control Software

Illustration of best parental control app
Parenting in the digital age? As much as it literally sits at the roots of your grey hair, it can still be a blessing. Children are like a sponge and they master technology in no time. Staying connected can bring tremendous benefits to their development. Of course, that alone, won’t make parent...
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How to Create A Secure Password

Users with devices and strong password and secure password concept
With data breaches on the rise, creating a strong password is becoming more important than ever. The average person has tens of different accounts with all kinds of social networks and online services. One would think that there are also tens of different passwords to be remembered. Unfortunately...
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Best Antivirus for Gamers in 2019

Image of gaming concept and antivirus software for gaming
Many players are in doubt, not quite convinced that bad things can still happen to them. Even when they are just playing a game. And even when they are just doing it on a popular online game platform like Steam. But you’re here, trying to find out which is the best antivirus for gamers in 2019....
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Should You Get an Antivirus for Chromebook?

Image representing virus protection concept
The Chromebook security is a reason of concern for many of its users. Perhaps you remember those people wondering if you need antivirus for Mac… That too is a controversial topic we’ve already discussed here on our blog. Well, the same voices question the importance of using antivirus for Chrom...
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Most Secure Web Browser in 2019

Illustration of data protection and web security concept
The web browser is the tool most people use to connect to the internet. So, hackers will always try to explore its vulnerabilities before anything else. Just so it happens, some of the biggest cyberattacks we’ve ever witnessed happened through internet browsers. If you think of why are web brow...
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